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The most relevant antimicrobial brand

What makes up Crown Trade's Steracryl paint?

Crown Trade Steracryl paint

A paint additive from SteriTouch® is an easy, cost effective way of providing a tangible benefit to your products and customers. Crown Trade chose SteriTouch® to help create its Steracryl range of scrubbable antibacterial coatings. When field trialled at a maternity unit in Scotland, the paint capably demonstrated its antimicrobial properties and durability, increasing both cost-effectiveness and redecoration cycles.

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Crown Trade Steracryl paint Crown Trade Steracryl paint
What makes up PHS?


An excellent example of using an antimicrobial throughout many different materials, PHS products demonstrate high levels of protection all across the washroom. From rich purple powder coated hand dryers, to rotomoulded polyurethane baby changing units, PHS Washrooms have thought of it all.

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What makes up Sennheiser?


A silver ion-based additive in powder form was developed for Sennheiser at the SteriTouch® technical facility in South Wales, specifically for its range of coloured silicones and featuring the latest in both antimicrobial and anti-counterfeit technology. The new SPORTS range has now successfully launched worldwide.

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Why choose Us? Steritouch is the brand of choice for global corporations

The brand of choice for global corporations

Our technical knowledge and in-house facilities cannot be beaten

From impact, tensile and environmental testing, to extrusion runs and sample mouldings, we can do it all. Our knowledge and experience of material engineering and performance additives is simply unrivalled.

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Our trademark is free to use as a co-brand

The SteriTouch® co-brand is freely available for our customers to use without associated licensing fees, so give your products an immediate marketing advantage by adopting the SteriTouch® co-brand today.

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All of the active components we use are approved by the FDA and EPA

We do not use additives with potential health or environmental concerns such as Triclosan or nano-scale particles, and all of our active components have been notified for inclusion on the Biocidal Products Regulation.

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If we haven’t got a stock solution for you, we’ll make one

With our technical experience and in-house R&D facilities, we’re the go-to people when you want to make the impossible possible. We can offer all kinds of solutions, from anti-static, to detectable, antimicrobial and every combination in between.

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Steritouch are a global brand for global products

The Global Brand for Global Products