Antimicrobial Paints

Antimicrobial Paints

Antimicrobial paint additives are available for water, solvent, oil and resin-based paints & coatings, and represent a cost-effective way to differentiate your products, exceed specification and add real value for consumers.

Paints containing SteriTouch® additives have been independently proven to prevent the growth of bacteria for 10 years, as well as offering ongoing protection against black mould and algae.

Using a SteriTouch® paint additive in a new or existing formulation is a simple way to add value and offer a tangible benefit to your customers.

Established companies such as Crown Paints and Rust-Oleum are amongst the companies already selling trade and domestic paints containing SteriTouch®.

In many cases it can be as straightforward as mixing the additive into the paint to achieve a long lasting antimicrobial effect, and solutions are available for most coatings.

For formulations where there are known incompatibilities, we are pleased to offer our expertise and facilities to run trials.

Independent tests on paints containing SteriTouch® have proven them extremely effective against bacteria for ten years.

Through our partnerships, we are also able to supply pre-validated paints for most applications, from domestic emulsions through to highly resistant scrubbable acrylics for very demanding environments such as operating theatres.

You are welcome to use the SteriTouch® brand to promote your paint products.

With no associated licensing fees, taking advantage of our recognisable co-brand will ensure your antibacterial coatings are rightly associated with hygiene.

If you would like a sample of our paint additive for your evaluation, please get in touch. Our technical team will select the most appropriate additive and our comprehensive support package will ensure the validation process runs smoothly.

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